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A sampling of tunes from the mid to late 1980s, the 1990s, and the early 2000s
  • T'Mahnitchah
          - early 1990s tune (?), midi-based recording (Cakewalk)
  • 'Fluencies*
          - early 1990s tune (?), analog audio multi track recording (Syracuse University studio gear)
  • Cyrbano
          - early 1990s tune
  • OM Music # 1
         - mid-to-late 1980s tune, live reel-to-reel recording
  • 6/8 Tune
          - early 2000s recording, E-Mu Proteus 2500 sequencer tune
  • 2006-03-04
          - 1 measure loop + Casio DH-100 (2 layers) w/ ART X-15
  • 2006-01-14
          - Roland CA-30 Intelligent Arranger + Casio DH-100 w/ ART X-15 + Roland sound module, I think
  • Symphonie Electronique # 1
          - mid-to-late 1980s - Casio CZ 5000 on reel-to-reel tape
  • Symphonie Electronique # 2
          - mid-to-late 1980s - Casio CZ 5000 on reel-to-reel tape
  • Turning**
          - late 1980s tune, various sound modules, Korg DDD-5 for drums
    Details to be updated as historical documentation is uncovered.
    *Write-up of compositional goals and procedures might be available. Gear: Roland Super Jupiter for most sounds, E-Mu Emulator II for a couple
    **Music manuscript for chords and bass part might be available.

    All recordings are AAD - Analog recording, Analog mixing, Digital transfer

    (c) 1985-2017 by Dr.Steve (aka MusicMan11712) - ok to listen, please!!!!