Synth Gear Docs: An Archive

24 July 2017:
Additional manuals and docs, factory patterns & songs, and a few other things have been added. Most can be found in the "ReOrg" folder--the one that presently requires the user ID and passsword. (See the navigation panel.) Generally the additional manuals are earlier revisions than what was available previously, plus a few that hadn't been posted.

23 July 2017:
Thanks to the many internet users who found the documents here and who passed them onto others through various user forums. It is extremely rewarding to know that the efforts have gone to good use.

Revisions to the navigation panel and access to resources are currently in-progress. Links to additional internet resources are being added. Some allow the navigation panel to work by loading the external site here. Those that don't should open automatically to a new browser tab or window. Additional resources are planned added.

If you post links to the resources here, please use the main SynthGearDocs entry point [ ]. At preset direct links which some gear users have posted in various forums worldwide will work. Once the website is redesigned, those links might not be current.

The document links via the navigational panel currently require a user name and password. (See navigation panel.) This is being done so that the international bots that keep accessing the content don't end up with tons of temporary pointers while changes are being made.

About this archive:
Years ago, the documentation and support files for E-Mu "legacy" gear (hardware synths, samplers, etc.) were removed from the internet under the assumption that the gear had reached their "end of useful service." Nevertheless, the gear seems to be very much in use by original owners as well as secondary and tertiary owners (perhaps as a testiment to the original designers and to those who worked on them before they became "legacy" gear).

Over the years the files and documents have been put back, only to disappear for months and years at a time. For example, at present moment (and for the past several years) the user interface of the "official legacy site" works; however, the documents seem to be gone. There is no guarantee that even if reinstated again they won't disappear again and users will have to start scrambling to find these resources again.

General Notes:
These documents and files are critical to understanding and using E-Mu gear to make music by their owners. They had been freely available and indeed still can be found at various locations on line. The goal of the archive is to simply to aggregate them and preserve them so users can continue to get the most out of their "legacy" gear.
The documents were downloaded as freely available documents and files ages years from E-Mu and various on-line user groups. While efforts have been taken to ensure the integrity of these files, use them at yout own risk.
Be sure to make regular backups of synth module data.

Notes About Updates:
Plans include descriptive pages with links (rather than just file directories), links to other sites of interest, additional resources, (time permitting) tutorials, and a revised organizational structure.
For advanced users (i.e., at your own risk and with no support other than the pages themselves), my experimental webpages-in-progress using the JazzSoft plug-in to access P2K-based gear (1 Rack Unit modules, Command Stations, and the P2500) connected to your PC using E-Mu's Remote Control Sysex and javascript will be posted.
Details about recent changes will be listed above.
The navigation panel and this page have separate revision dates and numbers. Additional content pages will probably have their own revision dates and numbers.

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